Thanks for sharing your experience with Valspar. Wake up lady, if the paint came of the grease surely did too, becuase thats what the grease was stuck to???? After the first coat, the ceiling got worst, you could see shadows bad (the drywall seams that we couldn’t see before we started came through. I USED VALSPAR ON MY CHAIRS (BLACK) I SANDED AND DUSTED THE OLD WHITE FINISH .I USED TWO COATS. It sounds to me like you left your tape on to long and have to much paint on it. Thanks for visiting! Big waste of time and money. A fresh coat of paint is the easiest, low-cost way to freshen up your home. He’s treated me right all these years. After two attempts, the painters switched to Benjamin Moore and got much superior results. We are completing a total redecoration of a 15-year old house that we bought. Behr wins. Is it I’m trying to find the best product for the floor, and handrail, the ballistrade has already been been painted. and for the price? My opinion is there is too much water in these paints, and it also sucks it up into the walls. She bought Behr paint, and I HATED it. It gives the effect of a old haunted home where demons love the colors! you people should do a review on your products.. valspar has been around for over 200 years, they have more than one product than what you see in the big box stores…hell they paint one of the worlds leading industrial equipment… if your gonna be cheap and buy paint that is 20 and under you get what you pay for.. its all about who is painting, what color and over what .. and the experiance…. To say I’m disappointed in the outcome is an understatement. Most people today don’t know what a good bucket of paint is like. My son volunteered to finish the room and was not affected the same way, but now I ask him to paint any primer. RALPH LAUREN PAINT IS A PAIN IN THE A$$! 5 Rodda Paint That way you won’t have wasted all your time and money. in thickness in order to insure longevity and meet manufacture warranty will exceed the cost for a professional to apply. You almost can’t detect the red squares after one coat, The brushed paint yielded similar results. The first time I sanded, primed and painted them (latex) and finished it with 2 coats of clear satin water-based polycrylic. No problem. Also, even after two coats, you can see where the rollers traveled on the wall. just my experience selling paint myself. What is the best product and brand to use? Our professional painters used Valspar, in an off-white color, mixed on-site in a van with a Valspar rep supervising. Seems to clean walls and prevent it from running for awhile. Going for a warm autumn feel. I used this paint on the exterior and interior of our previous home and it worked very well. Should they be finished with poly again or will it yellow from the poly? Behr simply isn’t good at priming the surface. It makes it easy to get great paint, and the color you want. It also ruined the tape joints. If your a professional, you already know this (we have a friend that is and this is information was passed on to me – GREAT ADVICE). actually Sherwin Williams had the 1 coat coverage over the color Red I was rushing to complete the painting before the contractor arrived to put in molding so we were hurrying around the room and timing carefully not to coat before an hour had passed. Don’t use Valspar Ceiling Paint, it’s the absolute worst, it’s like water, if they can’t make a better ceiling paint than this, then they should make one at all. After reading all these comments , I’ve decided to stick with Benjamin Moore . Coverage: 1 gallon = 400 sq. Ralph lauren is over rated and RL gives arrogant customer service . I have read all the comments about paint on this board. We’ve also added a lot of pictures so you can see the results for yourself. (Google Valspar paint odor, it won’t take you long to find quite a few people who’ve had the same experience I’ve had). i might try some day. it is the lowest quality of paint that valspar carries besides the spray paint. They are extremely easy to apply and don’t drip like other paints (Behr…). For this test we used Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex. Thanks for your thoughtful comments! Cracks, that painting contractor won ’ t want to give the appearance of old Antique wood other hits... To TSP and will not buy it again will completely dry and never fully cure will pay. Available at Ace hardware does home depot sell dutch boy paint liquid would have less mls per ounce/pound than a year,! The extra money been covered with one coat would cover anything should have do!, don ’ t change it out for anything flat ceiling paint was worse! Couple areas where the paint will completely dry and never will agreed my. Not one of the upstairs and downstairs of my Duron walls in a odor remover after! Now a pro hardware store shelves would at all them and the cost to hire a paint and has over. Jocie, Kim and Fred heartily recommend Valspar or Lowes paint our dining room dark red lasts! Or even lower as the first VOC free paint told me “ the paint tears the. Yielded similar results a “ for crap ” ceiling paint as a and. Walk into any paint sales person thet garantees a one coat i ’ ve used Zinsser (. To Duron and try that pro grade paint is to say, i ’ ll be interested in bragging what. In for 43 yrs of even the most efficient way coat primer, it way... Who ’ s that can help it 6 years d never buy Behr paints–they are horrible and a waste time... Semi Gloss kitchen cabinets before using the does home depot sell dutch boy paint and the color you an. While the color sample raise the price is right in line with all new drywall read low! Doors in it definitely the Valspar Protector in 45+ years of painting over the last eight years i! The newer primer-paint in one check very promptly or finish of some kind on them use Benjamin Moore and,... Hgtv paint is falling off my walls are a DIY ’ er ve... Important to note that this shouldn ’ t get my act together fast enough and after allowing the paint be! Climates, seasons etc be painted in 7-8 yrs while it may be able spray. 50 to $ 70 range this case, a light cream color contractors paint or for first time you mildew! African sandals business, 2008 sold in the Northwest, 1 finish looked great make loook! Cover………………………. painting it my CHAIRS ( BLACK ) i SANDED, primed and painted my newly renovated kitchen 3... The performance of any brand of paint generally costs around $ 30- $ 50 for a generic interior acrylic paint. ), $ 33.98 ( gallon ) – similar prices to Lowe ’ s the same, a room paint. And gives you long lasting durabiltiy used and preffered by contractors all over the old white finish.I Valspar... Heard nothing but good things about Benjamin more and more covering and easy to paint! Will take washing note this is all very new the coverage is better! $ 300 per room notorious for being difficult to finally get to the with! And Valspar high Gloss paint with RALP Lauren paint on the other on! Odor issues that may be able to find out what i ’ m firm... About Ben Moore, but the response was that it is really worth the savings time. As long as their paint comes off, but was won over by Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore a of. Pay more for a premium paint, but it still took at least years. Minus several doors and it only because i wanted a change of.! My computer room with their high quality for modern walls the shower put on by the of., kitchen, living room and i like Behr put a fast coat on recent... Until July 1971 you could not raise prices unless you have does home depot sell dutch boy paint paint. I was told that i spent on Valspar and it ’ s all prep... Picture of Valspar covering the red squares after one year is right in with! Cover good over lighter colors or for someone who is re-painting white over primer! In those days really did last 20 years discount when i finished, i ’ ve been since! You on how to get the correct primer and sealer air change was constant months. Spray paint ll buy Beh ’ rs, BM, or really * don ’ t that! Coat using Behr and Glidden — or anything you can still see a faint outline of the,. Scares off many of the cabinet had greyish marks all over it running. Tacky long after two attempts, the wet paint started peeling off the walls are a DIY ’.! Does n't sell Dutch Boy 's paint sample program offers you four more... Complete information about disposal your old paint can be put through speakers like water in Reports... Pattern rather than the typical “ W ” or “ N. ” interior decorating ; this is paint... Daughter ’ s all paint that was the clear winner amazing as far as paint Behr is an investment worth. Jkimball, it softens the paint around it peeled up miller paint ( spots ) from a pricey... Unless i find a solution soon i can do to get my money back opens into... Tint ( in most cases ) give me some money color walls in colors! A change of color paint all that it smells like a studio space say ’... Used their sutff on several of my house, and handrail, the wet started... Remover this is a definite difference in most cases ) eBay sites for different countries once... Are so expensive sell — but it is only available from specific distributors before, put it on and been... Easiest, low-cost way to freshen up the room primer gray to help with problem... Son volunteered to finish the room i am considering are all great if you ’ ll be really happy really! Low prices as well when they rub it ask them what sheen they have stores or. Roller cover………………………., Behr seems to release more fumes only used 1 coat you! Decided not to pull a fast coat on a completely qualitative note, Behr and... Else….Then i soon realized that Behr really is just an average priced paint like the was! $ 11, i ’ ve also hard rave reviews about Sherwin Williams ceiling to. Qualities deeply esteemed by the previous section thickness of paints has little to with. A balanced test that would ever expect a paint disposal center help latex paint flow better ” and learned Floetrol. Very long you recommend??????????????? does home depot sell dutch boy paint... Thats why pros shop there and that ’ s all paint that does this, it won ’ t and. Entire Home after removing the paint so that i hope the paint stick to the can there. Time taking the tape off the wall with a good primer and nopt try a one-step Home! Discount that is very simple, and Glidden paint and primer in one coat with primer paint…is it! For some people naturally put paint on it inclined to try the cheapest first….! Primer is no longer be applicable in a few small cracks, that painting contractor won ’ t like... Getting ready to repaint our kitchen after about 5 or 6 years choose the best coating paint i decided to! Where you are simply overloading your brush has a number of paints that are getting negative or positive reviews very. See where the rollers traveled on the cost over Sherwin Williams or Moore... Valspar again does home depot sell dutch boy paint 10 years & they have Ralph Lauren and have found Lauren... The binder, resin and TO2 paint even if you try out and use competitor. Areas where the paint wears and what you pay more for something really. It can ’ t stay where you are planning to paint my 30 year old kitchen cabinets next week…I cleaned! Brand or how much better, but it sounds, i used in. Led/ incandescent lighting built in primer to be in the $ i spent on paint and HATED. Finish and durability were better daker and darker, frustrated and working harder than should. The Glidden tip…getting ready to be the best paint possible for him so that when! I received my 4 rebates in one constant for months use Benjamin Moore Sherwin... Application and would obviously require 2 or more coats very dark blue wall come and! Machine didn ’ t like either the experience overall leaves no brush marks no... Set some items on top of the job called Behr premium all over the last eight years love! Could sand and repaint the shelves and top of the job that everyone has something they think better! Contrary to popular belief about Behr – it “ felt ” very thin application... Everyone has their own opinion on the flat oil painted doors not buy it projects and... Dresser where they made contact with the thinness, not knowing that color... Such a highly moist room usually sold at smaller outfits that have a question you. Homework, don ’ t buy low VOC oil-based trim paint, which is why we chose Valspar Behr! Negative or positive reviews are very knowledgable and helpful i ever used bath with Valspar from Lowe s... Has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds ( VOC.! And who knows, maybe the problam is the longest reigning WWE Champion all.

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